Super Bowl Sunday


We had a great time at the McDuffee’s home for the Super Bowl watch party.  We had a good group (over 20) students show up and watch the game.  The students took the opportunity to show off how much they knew about football and how good they were at predicting the outcome of the game.  Several of the students showed considerable knowledge/luck on the quiz.  We ended up with a 2 person tie (so much of a tie that they even tied on the tiebreaker!) and so the grand prize was split between the two winning youth (both of which were girls!).

A special thank you to the McDuffee family for hosting us, feeding us hotdogs, and not losing it on any of the youth as they chased the dog or spilled red soda on the rugs! You guys are awesome!

Super Sunday

We had a great Sunday!

The morning began with a great group during Sunday School.  The teens began signing up for small groups and many expressed excitement about our upcoming High School/Middle School mentoring that we will kickoff in the coming weeks.  Encourage your youth to be involved in the ministry opportunities.

I had the privilege to sit in with the high school Sunday school class and enjoyed my time watching the students process, digest, and apply the book of Galatians.  Duff did a great job at leading the students in discussion.  If you want to spend some time talking with your high school students, they focused on the issue of obedience to the Old Testament law (specifically circumcision) as opposed to salvation by faith alone.  Both the girls and the guys groups broke down their specific chapters and were even able to add some application that they drew out of the scripture.

The day wrapped up with a GREAT Super Bowl party at the Zaruba’s house.  We had around 35 teens there and it truly was a good time.  Pictures to come soon!  Thanks for supporting the student ministry at KBC, I am looking forward to Frontline this Wednesday.