Teens Can Do So Much More


Low expectations can be a killer for teens.

Tell a teenager that they aren’t capable of doing something and they won’t even try.  Likewise if you empower a teenager to do something big they can exceed even the loftiest of expectations.

I believe that teens are capable of doing more.  They are able to make a real impact.  They can change the community in which they live.  They can transform the schools that they attend.  They can do more.

So as adults we need to let them.  We need to show them a goal that is crazy huge and then let them run after it.  Let them surprise us.  All we have to do is show them how much more they can do.

This is what our Disciple Now weekend is all about.  Empowering students to Do Something.  Something big.  Something that can change lives.  Something new.  Disciple Now is April 11-13 and it’s going to be pretty awesome.  Here is the registration form.  Encourage your kid to be here, make them if you must, they will thank you later!

Service Starts at Home

Distance doesn’t make a missionary.  These words or something similar were taught to me by a former pastor.  What he was communicating to me is that the heart of servant must be evident at home before it can ever be used abroad.  This was the impetus for our annual local mission trip, and really has transformed the way that I view mission work.

For the last three Wednesday nights we have been talking about service: the act of going outside of yourself to help another person.  A majority of the focus on service is to help those who we perceive to be in the greatest need, perhaps the homeless or the military.  However, before we dive into helping those who are away I believe we need to get our hearts right at home.  For a teenager that means adjusting the attitude at home to being loving, obedient, and service minded to his parents.

So I challenged our youth to begin to serve at home.  That means taking an extra step beyond mere obedience to actually serving their parents.  The hope is that through learning to serve at home, they will be more fulfilled in their service of others.

As parents you have an opportunity to make your home a place where your child would want to go the extra mile for you.  You can help them want to be a better son or daughter.  So, as I challenged the youth to obey and serve you, I ask that you try to cultivate a home life in which appreciation is verbalized, and service is modeled.  If you are serving your kids in ways that they see, they will begin to understand that service is just a way of life, especially for believers.  Good luck, and keep up the good work…it is truly a tough job that you do!