Why I love small groups

I love small groups for youth.  It gives students an opportunity to have fun, talk about their faith, and even learn a little.  Small groups are the best way that I know of to give students a chance to formulate what they believe and then express it in words.  Sometimes it’s messy.  Sometimes the lesson isn’t really taught.  Sometimes it’s crazy.  But it matters, and it can change students forever.  If you have a kid who is missing out on youth small groups get them involved.  We meet at various houses from 6:30-8 pm each Sunday night.

To illustrate the way small groups can go a little haywire, here’s a little story.  I have the opportunity to sit in with the middle school boys and for the last two weeks we have barely covered the lesson.  Last week we found ourselves discussing how to look for a wife.  This week, when we “should” have been discussing the importance of Scripture memory, we found ourselves caught up in obedience to parents.  Then one of the boys who asked to be called Kwon Phillipe said this gem:Image

Small groups are different, and they are awesome.



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