The Tabernacle Declares the Glory of God

Just a quick word for you parents out there: your students are given the opportunity to soak in some seriously great teaching from our small groups and Sunday School teachers (not to mention Frontline and BASH: that speaker guy’s not a total bum either).  I hope you are making it a priority to have your students at these times.  I had the opportunity to sit in with the 11-12 graders this week and I was amazed at the quality of the material that Jeff was bringing.  He is tasked with teaching through Exodus with his class and he has gone through the fun stuff (burning bushes, plagues, Red Sea) and is onto the Tabernacle furnishings.  Not the most fun, but wow, he nailed it.

Here are some of his observations following this diagram of the Tabernacle:

  1. There is a wall that separates those who are outside of the tabernacle, just like there is a wall that separates mankind from God (sin).
  2. There is only one way into the tabernacle courtyard, there is only one way to reconciliation with God (John 14:6 Christ Jesus)
  3. The first thing that we come to in the tabernacle courtyard is the altar for sacrifices, this reminds us that we approach God only through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  4. Before entering the actual tent of the tabernacle, the priests had to wash their hands and feet.  This reminds us of the Last Supper where Jesus washed his disciples feet.

There was about dozen or so different Christological reference points that Jeff drew out, but I just wanted to give you a taste of what is happening in youth Sunday School.  We truly are blessed with a great group of teachers!


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