Simply Awesome Retreat

ImageThink of everything that is Simply Awesome.  Go on, think about it.  Right now you are thinking of (in no particular order), Sharks high-fiving gorillas, the sound of the fox, Matt Higginbotham, unicorns, rainbows, robotic vacuum cleaners, and the iPhone. Right?  But you should be thinking of the Simply Awesome Retreat!

The Simply Awesome Retreat (aka: Fall Retreat) will be taking place the first weekend in November (1-3) and will be hosted right here at Kingwood Bible Church.  We will be doing all sorts of awesome things (bonfires, games, practicing good hygiene) and we will be learning the simple truths of the Christian life.

Structurally this retreat will be similar to a lock-in and Disciple Now weekend mixed together.  Students will be grouped together into small groups and will be led in discussions and games by an awesome small group leader.  Students will be spending the night at KBC.  There are plenty of amazing ways for you as a parent to be involved in this weekend, so be ready to serve (from meals, to showers, to providing transportation).

The cost for the weekend is $40for KBC regular attenders.  Friends are able to come for just half of that ($20).  Included in that cost is a Simply Awesome T-Shirt, lots of food, and some life changing teachings and conversations.  Make sure your student is there with a gaggle of their friends!


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