You Are Not Alone


Much like the teenagers who I now minister to, I grew up in the suburbs of Houston.  I attended a large middle school and a larger high school.  Also, like the youth I minister to, I attended my church regularly and was really involved in the youth group activities. My youth group was big (150 or so kids) and I truly enjoyed my time there as it gave me an opportunity to grow in my faith, in a safe nurturing environment.

However, out of the 150 kids in my youth group there was less than a handful of them that attended school with me.  So when I would walk the halls of my high school I would feel somewhat isolated as one of the few Christians who attended my school.  I honestly couldn’t have named 20 faithful Christians in my school.

This changed one year in a dramatic way for me when I attended See You at the Pole.  On this particular year there were over 200 kids standing around our school’s flagpole praying together.  As I walked up to the circle of teenagers praying, I recognized for the first time that I was not alone at my high school as a believer.  I realized that the church was much larger than my church.

See You at the Pole has the ability to be one of the more influential experiences for your child at school.  I strongly encourage you to get your kids out to See You at the Pole THIS Wednesday.  Typically the prayer time begins about 30 minutes prior to the start of school.  I will be going to at least one high school and one middle school to pray alongside our teenagers, and I would love nothing more than to see your child there: standing and being counted as student who has faith in Jesus Christ.

See You at the Pole is this Wednesday, September 25.

How about you? Did you feel overwhelmed at the bigness and lostness of your school?  Did you know many believers outside of your church family? 


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