Mission Kentucky Recap

Home dedication

Home dedication

The youth ministry took a week long mission trip to Manchester, KY from August 10-17.  Twelve youth along with three adults went to Kentucky and cooperated with a youth mission trip and leadership team from LeaderTreks.  LeaderTreks specializes in developing leadership skills in teenagers, and over the course of the week each of the students who went were challenged and grew in their leadership capabilities.

A normal day began with a small group of youth waking up at 6:15 AM to cook breakfast for the team.  Following breakfast students had a 45 minute devotional and prayer time that walked them through the life of Elisha.  Then the group headed out to the construction site to work on a man’s home that was in total disarray at the beginning of the summer.

For 9 weeks different groups of students from around the country worked on repairing the home.  Our group had the privilege of being the final group to work on the home and were able to see the project completed.  Our team focused primarily on siding the house and doing the finishing touches on the trim work.  At the end of the week we had a dedication of the home with a local church pastor.  We would work on the home until 3:30 PM at which point we would clean up our mess and head over to a local park to run a VBS for children who live in some apartments in Manchester.

Siding the Home

More Siding

Our students did all of the work of making the VBS a success.  They led in music, crafts, Bible Story, and games.  Over the course of the week at least 3 children made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ!

The week was truly exceptional and I thank everyone in the church who supported the mission trip both financially and through prayer.  One of the neat things about this trip and KBC is that your regular tithes and offerings go to help make this trip possible.  In fact, a substantial amount of money that was in our Growing In Faith line item was used to help make this trip affordable for the teens.  So, in short you are helping students serve Christ across the country!

VBS Craft Time

VBS Swings

I asked the students to write out how the trip impacted them.  Here’s a few things that our students said about the trip:
“This trip changed me.”
“Now I will be a leader for Christ and stand up for Him, tell people about His word, and learn more about him myself through reading my Bible each day.”
“I had fun and grew closer to the people in youth group.”
“Strive for excellence.”
“Everyone was so kind, encouraging, and fun. Because of them it makes me want to encourage people more.”
“No matter how hard life gets always put God first, others second, and myself last.”
“On this trip I did things that were extremely uncomfortably; because of this trip, I now have a different perspective for stuff.”
“I have now committed to exercising my faith, deepening my relationship with God, and increasing my knowledge of His Word.”

VBS Splash Pad


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