High School and the GO of the Great Commission

Last night at Frontline we had a wonderful evening of games, worship, and Bible study.  If you are a high school student (or the parent of one) and you missed it, you missed a ton!

The lesson was focused on one of the most well-known passages of Scripture: The Great Commission in Matthew 28.  In these final recorded words of Jesus Christ, he gives his disciples their task.  That task is to go into all nations, baptizing and teaching.  Clearly this verse can (and should be) used to encourage the spread of the gospel through foreign missionaries today, but what does it mean to a high school student who lives in a suburb?

In its simplest terms the Great Commission is a command to share the gospel and teach the commands of Christ wherever we go.  Most high school students mission fields are their high schools.  They need not hop on a bus for 8 hours or board a plane to be missionaries.  Students must be using the places that they go, on a regular basis, to share the most important thing that they have…the gospel.

The Great Commission is a scary thing, because it demands obedience even while we are here in our home city, where people know us.  But the love of God, compels us to love others and the truest expression of that love is sharing the gospel.

So, what is it that prevents you from sharing the gospel where you go to school or work?
Do you need training in evangelism?

Whatever it is that is stopping you, try this week to set those doubts aside and be obedient to the mission that Christ has given you.  You might be amazed at what God does through you!


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