Are You Ready to be Called?

We all have times in our life when we would rather not be disturbed. Our phones are set to silent, and we gladly hit the “Ignore” button when we don’t want distractions. Our door is shut and we hang out a sign that says “Do Not Disturb” when we would prefer not to be interrupted. This is common practice. Sometimes we just can’t be bothered because we are too busy.

There really is nothing wrong with taking time to be unavailable so you can accomplish tasks. In fact, I do it regularly. However, even during these times when we are dead to the world, we need to be available to hear from God and to answer his call.

We are looking at the life of Elijah in Frontline. We are nearing the end of his ministry when he called Elisha to be his attendant and successor. The story is simple:
Elisha is working in the field. Elijah walks by throws his cloak over him and keeps walking. Elisha runs to Elijah and says he will follow him, he just needs to take care of saying goodbye to his family.

In the midst of this simple story we see several interesting things, but one of the more noteworthy is how willing Elisha is to give up his life and his relationships to follow Elijah. Elisha was prepared for the call. He was waiting for the call, and he responded immediately to that call.

I wonder, how many times we busy ourselves in various activities and make ourselves spiritually unavailable to God and we miss what he intends for us to be doing?

Are there things that you would be unwilling to give up to follow the call of God (money, career, hobby, etc.)?

You may not have to get rid of everything you have to follow after the call of God on your life, but to truly follow God you must be willing to give it all up if asked.


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