Seventeen Magazine and Photoshopping


Seventeen magazine is a standard favorite among girls who are right around the age listed in the title.  With such a wide circulation and impact on young girls, Seventeen has rightly at times been criticized for content decisions that they have made over the years.  One of the areas of particular concern has been the use of altered/photoshopped images of girls in the magazine to look more perfect.  As you are likely aware, photographers have been digitally improving the appearance of women for many years and this digital manipulation sets a standard for beauty that is unrealistic and unattainable (even from the models employed for the photo shoot).

An 8th grade girl decided to take a stand against this sort of manipulation and began a petition that obtained over 85,000 signatures.  Seventeen has responded to this by making a Body Peace Treaty which includes features such as:

Seventeen will not change girls’ body or face shapes.

Seventeen will be transparent about what’s involved in a photo shoot.

Seventeen will feature real girls who are healthy.

This substantial shift in policy is amazingly due to the work of one young lady!  Fuller Youth Institute has some awesome discussion questions for parents to have with their daughters in regards to this issue.  Check it out!


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