We all have struggles.  Things that we wish that we were better at than we are, and even perhaps sins that get in the way of us living and loving God in a deserving manner.  One of the consistent struggles that I deal with and many students that I have ministered to and still minster among struggle with is the sin of pride.

Pride is a root sin.  It forms subtly under the surface of the person and can even bear some attractive fruit for a season.  It disguises itself as any number of things, but ultimately when it is fully formed in the life of a person pride shows itself to be something quite unlovely.  Proud people boast in their hearts.  Proud people are envious of others.  Proud people set themselves above the huddled masses believing themselves to be superior, and in the process hurt relationships with friends and family.

The ultimate fruit of pride is an inability to properly recognize the greatness of God.   If a person is constantly looking down on other people, how can they at the same time, look up to the great God of heaven?  Eventually the proud are humbled, but not before substantial damage is done.

We looked at Nebuchadnezzar’s pride as revealed in Daniel 4.  He was humbled by the Lord.  Proverbs says that pride and haughtiness lead to a fall.   As believers we must be humble as Jesus Christ was.  He did not seek to have proper adulation for his greatness, he did not look down on the sinners of the day, he was humble.  If you diagnose pride in your life, you need to root it out, and the best way I know to root our pride is to constantly be looking up to the greatness of God.  This gives me the proper perspective of how ungreat I am in the grand scheme of creation.

I hope this helps.  If you have a teen who struggles with pride the solution is the same, don’t beat them down, build God up to where he truly belongs.  Keep up the hard work!

Have you struggled with pride?  How do you cope?  How do you respond to loved ones who are proud?