Purpose: Love

The cardinal Christian virtue is that of love.  When Jesus was asked to choose the most important law in the entire Torah he focused his answer on love.  It is sad that when many people who are outside of the Christian faith are asked their opinion of Christianity the word love is not prominent.  Too many people have carried the name of Christ along with words of hatred and an attitude of superiority, to the world at large and have thus damaged the name of Jesus Christ.

As someone with a more unique last name I am always aware of my connection to my family.  I want nothing more than to spare my mother and my father from the embarrassment of their son’s stupid actions.  Likewise, Christians should live with the full knowledge that their actions do reflect, both positively and negatively, on the person of Jesus Christ.

As believers, we should be focused on bringing glory to God by loving as he loved us.  As a student ministry, we should be focused on showing love to people who come from a variety backgrounds, so that they will have an appropriate view of God and his love.

It is a big task to love others.  Many people are simply “unlovely” but the whole of the law, according to Christ is summed up in the simple command to love God and to love others.  Let’s take it seriously.  Let’s love as we have been loved.

The Purpose of the Student Ministry

The church is a collection of people from various backgrounds whose ultimately purpose is to love and to serve God.  However, it is tempting for the church to fall prey to an inward rather than outward focus.  We know we are meant to love God and others, but at the same time it is easier to love ourselves only.  Knowing this natural inclination to form “holy huddles” and holding to the mantra of “us four and no more” we must choose to make it a priority to reach outside the body of Christ to make disciples.

I saw this video recently and thought it would be good to share with the students.  It served as a launching off point for the lesson.

The purposes for our student ministry are threefold and are going to be discussed for the next several weeks at Frontline.  They are:

  1. Follow
  2. Love
  3. Go

Pretty simple.  Pretty straightforward.

Last night we discussed “Follow” as a purpose.  First, as individuals we are to follow God in belief.  Namely, we are to follow unto salvation.  Secondly, as a group we are to follow God daily in our lives.  This includes private devotions, daily sacrifice, and dependence on God for our daily bread.

As a student ministry we have ministries devoted to help students follow God.  Frontline’s primary objective is evangelical.  Our Sunday night small groups are designed to allow students to cultivate the daily disciplines.  We take seriously the call to follow God, initially for justification and daily for sanctification (though we rarely use those words with the youth).

It’s Time Conference

Developing and maintaining a life of consistent effectual prayer is crucial to what we do as believers.  We are commanded to pray without ceasing, but how is that even possible? What are we supposed to be praying for?  If God is all-knowing is prayer even really needed?

Since prayer is such a vital part of the Christian faith we would do well to take it seriously.  One way that I am trying to help the youth at KBC in their prayer life is by taking them to the “It’s Time” prayer conference.  This looks to be a great weekend of worship and serious teaching about prayer.  Since we are going to be commuting to and from the conference for the weekend the cost for us is only $39 per student.  The conference takes place on October 8-9 at Faith West Academy.

Please consider letting your child attend this conference, and as with most conferences and events adults are needed too!  Who knows, perhaps some of your questions about prayer will be answered and you will have a more fervent and enjoyable time with the Father.  Thanks guys!

Fall Semester

We are kicking off a new program for the Fall of 2011 during the Sunday School hour.  First, our High School class will be split in half by age to allow for more focused and advanced teaching.  Duff McDuffee will teach the 9/10th graders and I will be taking the 11/12th graders.  Jennifer Lee will continue to teach the Junior High.

For the whole fall semester the Jr. Highers will be going through a Bible Storying class in which they will get a picture of the whole of the Bible and how each part of the Bible fits into the story of God.  For the first quarter of the fall semester the 9/10 graders will be learning the book of Genesis, and the 11/12 graders will focus on what God was doing in the book of Exodus.

This is going to be a good year.  I am looking forward to it!