Late Nights and Sunday Mornings

This past Friday we had our lock-in at the church and it was a blast.  Over forty kids came and enjoyed playing games, hanging out, and talking.  Sleeping wasn’t enjoyed by many of them, but still a good time!  If your child attended, thanks for having them come and if they didn’t attend they were missed!  Also, a special thanks to all the adults who volunteered their time and gave up precious hours of sleep, you guys are the best!

Following this night we had a full day of recovery before Sunday morning worship.  I was privileged to preach (even while sleep deprived) to both of the services in the morning.  If you missed it, that’s too bad, but have no fear I am here to give you a recap of the message!  Lucky you, huh?

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 (highlights only)

  • There is only one God, and we are therefore responsible to respond to him properly.
  • Anything that you love more than God, has become a god to you and is therefore an idol.
  • The proper response to God is to love him completely and publicly, so that all who see you know.
  • The second response to God is to pass on your love to him to your children.
  • Teach them as you go through your day, and through your life, you matter most in your child’s spiritual journey.

So get to it parents!  Love the Lord, and teach your children to love him too!  I am here to support you in any way I can.  Don’t be afraid to use me as a resource!  Keep up the good work!


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