Develop Your Gifts

I took the week off from speaking and turned the mic over to a good friend of mine, Chris Hall.  Chris is a fellow seminary student and genuinely a pretty sharp fellow. He challenged the students to examine their lives, discover their gifts, and develop them for the use of God’s Kingdom.

He used the example of a little known character in 2 Chronicles 2, named Huram-Abi.  Huram was a skilled craftsmen capable of working with all sorts of materials (wood, metals, and fabrics), and so when it became time for Solomon to build the temple he chose Huram to  be the artisan in charge of making it a reality.  Huram was naturally gifted by God as an artisan, however throughout his life he perfected his craft, never knowing that his crowning achievement would be the temple in which the Lord dwelled.

Likewise, God has gifted each person with a variety of skills.  Some are spiritual gifts like you would find in 1 Corinthians 12-14 and others are more physical gifts (art, athletics, debate, etc.).  The reason each person is uniquely gifted is so that they can give glory back to God through the use of these gifts.  The difficult part of being a teenager is determining where God has indeed gifted you.

Parents, help your child to discover their gifts, and encourage them to use their gifts to give glory back to God.  You have a unique perspective which your child needs, an outsider who knows them fully and can speak truth to them about their unique giftedness.  If you discover your child is gifted at something, but are not sure how that gift could be used for the glory of God, don’t worry about it – encourage your child to develop the gift and be aware that God may have a purpose for that gift in the future.

I knew a student who was gifted in Spanish.  She knew she enjoyed it, and she knew she was good at it, but she didn’t know how God would use that in her life.  She developed the gift further, and then one year on our local mission trip she had numerous opportunities to speak to people about the love of God in Spanish.  You never know why you have gift, just trust that God has a purpose for it.


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