Disciple Now Weekend

The Five W’s (and one H) of Disciple Now 2011

Who? Any student between grade 6 and 12 is welcome to attend.  The more the merrier!
What? D-Now is a weekend retreat that will take place in and around Kingwood Bible Church.  We will have large group worship and teaching in the Summit, and small group discussions taking place in homes.  The purpose of D-Now is two-fold.  First to introduce lost students to the love of Christ, and second to challenge Christian students to grow in their faith.  It’s also a ton of fun for the students!
When? April 29 – May 1.  drop-off your child Friday at 7 PM and pick them up around Noon on Sunday (following the morning worship service).
Where? As stated above, most of the large group activities happen at KBC.  We do NEED host homes, so if you have a home that can handle 6-10 students, please volunteer.
Why? Evangelism, Fellowship, and Discipleship are all a part of D-Now and they are certainly reason enough to make it happen.
How Much? If you sign-up by April 3 then $35.  From April 4-April 10 the cost is $40.  Anytime after that the cost is $45.  Sign up soon so you get a properly sized T-Shirt!


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