The Price is Right

One of my fondest memories of childhood was waking up to The Price is Right.  It was a staple my entire childhood.  During the summer, I would awake around 10 AM just in time to catch Bob Barker doing his thing.  The concept of The Price is Right is simple enough that a child can play along, and still entertaining enough to hold the attention of adults.  I can’t say that I learned a ton of lessons from my hours of watching The Price is Right, but I did learn the value of many items that, had it not been for the show, I would have no clue of their cost.

Stuff has a price.  Trips cost X amount, furniture Y amount, and the ever popular “new car!” cost Z amount, and I learned this lesson well from my time in front of the television.  Likewise, decisions have a price.  Good decisions are rewarded with good prices, and bad decisions are rewarded with bad prices.

Last night we discussed the cost of making poor choices, by looking at the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis.  God laid out the final cost for sin in Genesis 2, but by the time Genesis 3 rolled around both Adam and Eve were questioning whether or not the price God stated was accurate.  They were deceived by the snake, who claimed that they would not certainly die if they ate the fruit, and a look at the story would make you think maybe the snake was right.  After all, Adam and Eve didn’t suffer immediate death, and their eyes were opened (just as the snake had said), however the consequence of sin was exactly as God had stated.  Adam and Eve both died (certainly).

Sin is a tricky thing, that’s why we struggle with it.  It creeps in and portrays itself as being good.  After all, if sinning didn’t make you feel good, would you ever choose it?  So we go about sinning, blissfully, until the true consequences of sin is felt.  Strained relationships, inability to function, and depression fall upon us and we realize that often the cause of these problems is sin based.  We believed the lie that sin wouldn’t hurt, and for a while we were right, but when the check came to the table we realized that we had purchased more than we can afford.

Ultimately, sin leads to death.  That is the final outcome for our lives that are plagued by sin.  Following our death their will be judgment and the judgment will determine whether or not we should be subject to the biblical second death.  The only way that we escape the judgment of eternal death, is to have our sins paid in full by the blood of Christ.  Willfully he accepts the judgment for our sin, and suffered a death like none other, so that we may live forever, guiltless.

This is the beauty of God’s love.  He delays judgment, for our benefit, so that we may receive the grace of Christ.  Talk about this with your kids.  Many of them are already faithful followers of Christ, and believe the truth of his sacrificial death.  However, some likely do not, and if they do not, as a parent there is no greater blessing than to lead your child to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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