Job and His Friends

I had the opportunity to sit in with the junior high Sunday School class yesterday and I was treated to a discussion on Job.  Nikki did a great job recapping the story of Job that they have been going over for the last several weeks and the junior highers were pretty sharp on their recall of the details for the story.

A couple of take aways from the lesson for me (which centered around Job 3-5) were that we must be test any knowledge that we receive.  Job’s friend Eliphaz claims that he heard in a dream from a spirit that the righteous never suffer.  It would appear that the voice he heard was not the voice of God, but rather of something else altogether.  We also learned about how difficult it is to comfort our friends when they are hurting.  Naturally we want to help with our words, but like Job’s friends sometimes we can be hurtful rather than helpful.

In other news: SMALL GROUPS BEGAN LAST NIGHT!!!!  Since I am not leading a group I would love to hear how your child enjoyed the time!  Shoot me an email or leave a comment letting me know how it went.  I have heard positive things from a couple of students, but I would love to have a feel for the entire group.  Let me know, and thanks for all your help in getting your kids to small groups, and for those of you who are hosting/leading thanks again!!!


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