Relationship Trouble

I had issues growing up with relationships. I was in and out of relationships so fast you could barely keep up. Once I had a relationship that lasted a little over one class period. I dated all sorts of girls, from a variety of religious backgrounds. When I was fifteen I had bottomed out and told my best friend that I was through with dating. It had done nothing to help me, and at that point in time I was feeling the sting of a rather bad breakup.

Sadly, many teenagers live this same sort of lifestyle. They are in and out and back into relationships quicker than parents (or youth pastors) can keep up. “You’re dating who? When did you break up with ___?” Ultimately, serial daters find themselves longing for something stable and begin to wonder what is wrong with them to make their life so volatile.

Enter the Bible. Malachi 2:10-16 has some tough words for who we choose to be married (which while teens aren’t marrying, dating is at least the precursor to marriage, for good and ill). God is angry at the intermarriage of the Israelite people. How they have aligned themselves with women of foreign gods. Likewise teens have to be selective in their relationships, if their boyfriend is an atheist as a parent you should have some red flags being raised about whether or not this is a good idea.

The passage continues and deals with the damage that divorce does on the family and how God hates divorce. It’s not His plan, and when divorce comes to a family generations are affected (note the grandparents rights issues we see today). I cautioned the teens to be selective in their dating as one day they will marry someone who they might wish they were more selective of if things are going sideways in their marriage.

Talk to your kids about being “equally yoked” discuss with them God’s plan for marriage, even if your marriage story is broken (my family’s was) your kid should know what is ideal for relationships and for their future dream of being a husband or a wife. Good luck this week, and remember I am here to support you!


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