Wearying The Lord

This is week two of our “Silent God?” series and we started off as usual with a fun game. This weeks challenge: Chocolate Unicorn. Here’s the video to prove it.

Good work Chandler!

Our lesson was again focused on what hampers our communication with God. This week we examined how we at times we weary the Lord with our words. Malachi 2:17 was our jumping off point and it claims that God is wearied by our calling evil, “good”, and our calling evildoers “blessed by God”. Also, God takes issue when people act as if He doesn’t exist and isn’t just.Do you remember these ads, when the trusted doctors were recommending cigarettes to us?  This is an example of calling evil – “good.”

I pointed out that in our contemporary society we too like to confuse Good and Evil. We think it is good to get free music, while ignoring the fact that usually it is stealing which makes it free. We call a relationship love, when truly it is lust. These lies, that we convince ourselves of, hamper our communication with God. God truly desires for us to be willing and able to call things as they are.

As parents, that means you have a God-given role to instruct your children with truth. You are to call things as they are according to the word and will of God. This means when you commit a sin and your children are aware of, you admit it, you tell them that what you did was sin, and then discuss the forgiveness of God with your child. Your kids look to you for guidance, so help them.

Ifyou catch your child in sin, call the sin what it is. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings. If he is having inappropriate relations with a girl, it’s not a “mistake” or even a “lapse in judgment” it’s a sin. That doesn’t mean you hate him for sinning, but rather you are honest with your child about what sin is.

One of the reasons teenagers don’t feel like they are communicating well with God is that they have a pattern of lying to God and themselves about what things truly are. Help your child with this. It just might change the way they view God. God bless.


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