What is Church?

This weekend we did a quick overview of the purpose of the church in high school Sunday School.  We looked at the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3 as a model of what the church should not look like.  That church was confident in their wealth and not in the power of the gospel, and God was disgusted with that church to the point that he wished to spit them from his mouth.  The Laodicean church is the sort of church that is easy to fall into in suburban America.  The felt need for God is lacking, and our wealth and desire for more things blinds us to the fact that we are spiritually poor.

The students then discussed what some of the purposes for the church were, and also examined if KBC (specifically the youth group) was meeting these purposes or falling short.  One of the purposes that we spent a significant amount of time on was that of Christian fellowship.  The majority of our teens are welcoming to insiders and outsiders, however the group admitted we are lacking in the area of spiritual fellowship, in which the group is actively praying for each other as needed.  So this week we gathered specific prayer needs (tests, assignments, etc.) and I will text our high schoolers those needs on the day where prayer is needed.  Hopefully this will encourage our teens to think about their opportunity and obligation to hold their friends up in prayer.

We also had a parent meeting this Sunday.  If you missed the meeting there is some information that I’d like to get you.  Overall the meeting went well, and the vision for the group was laid out.  One point of interest is that we NEED volunteers to work at Frontline, and if all you parents volunteer you will only have to work every 6-8 weeks (that’s a pretty sweet deal).  Keep up the good work!


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